Whoami: Sleventyeleven

Michael “Sleventyeleven” Contino, Information Security Consultant, and aspiring infosec dude.

It can be hard to speak about ones self in detail, given both that its not often a requirement and that there is so much that can be said. Nonetheless this is my best attempt to shed light on my experience and to hopefully give curious individuals a reason to trust the information presented in this blog.

First off throughout high school and college I was involved in several Cyber/Information Security competitions. Over time I ended up getting fairly good at solving the challenges presented in these competitions (Check out my Linkedin for a full list of notable rankings). Additionally I do my best to mentor students in the realm of ¬†cyber security. Along with that grain of mentor ship I’ve been developing walk throughs of competitions to hopefully batter explain my thought process when approaching challenges and also to provide solutions for students to learn from. This mentorship really steams from those who have invested time in me over the years and wanting to aid in the up hill battle; in the cybersecurity landscape.

More Coming soon.

Please also note that anything I say, my opinions, and actions are my own and do not reflect those of my employer, schools, or other certifying bodies.

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